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Cleaning the roof and gutters is an important task that can prevent big problems. Leaves can build up and clog the downspouts, which can cause water damage to your roof and fascia (the board behind the gutter). Water pouring over the gutters or from leaks can end up next to your home’s foundation, in the basement or crawlspace.

Cleaning Gutters

  • Check the drain end. If the downspout runs underground, remove it from the pipe as needed.
  • Install a small nozzle on the hose, and lock it at full pressure. Turn on the water and feed the hose up from the bottom of the spout. If this doesn’t clear the downspout or the nozzle is too big, use a plumber’s snake tool to clear the blockage.
  • Reattach the downspout.
  • Flush the entire gutter again.
  • Be sure to clean the downspout strainers.

Gutter Safety

Cleaning or attempting to repair your gutters from on top of the roof is not recommended.

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