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In the Fall there is nothing more beautiful than the changing colors of the fall leaves from green to red and gold, However, once the leaves fall to the ground they can become an eyesore and eventually a rotting mess if they are not taken care of!

Blowing or Removing?

Do you want your leaves blown off your lawn, or actually bagged, removed from your property and properly disposed of? If you want your leaves bagged and removed this will take a considerably larger amount of time, and a lot more backbreaking labor to accomplish. This will cost you a lot more. If you choose to just have your leaves blown off your lawn, be careful that you are not just blowing them onto someone else’s lawn!

The purpose of the leaf cleanup program is to remove leaves from the roadways and gutters so that they do not impede the flow of storm water, causing flooding or property damage. Therefore, major water ways and storm sewers are given first priority and receive as much attention as needed. It is necessary to clean some areas multiple times while some areas are only cleaned once. Vacuum trucks and sweepers are used in this process.