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It is important to seal your deck yearly with a good quality sealer. Staining or painting your deck periodically (two-three years) will insure your wood features maintain a pleasing appearance for many years to come. We provide deck painting and staining services to give your wood features a complete makeover and provide it with better protection. No matter how big or small, We can help you with all phases of your house painting or deck staining projects.

Procedures Involve-

Inspection—-Depending on its condition, your deck may require wood replacement or other repair work before staining or painting.

Preparation—-We cannot stress enough the importance of proper preparation before painting or staining begins. It is time and labor intensive. Once we complete preparation, we power wash your deck or wood feature to insure it’s clean and grease free.

Deck Painting/Staining—-Once the wood has completely dried, we wipe it down again before applying the selected paint or stain. For deck painting, we apply coats of exterior primer and coats of exterior paint. Any touch-up to be administered is done after the cure time hs passed (several days). For deck staining, we apply the stain with lint-free rollers and cloth.
Two thin coats are best. Back brush techniques are applied to prevent overlapping. Once the second coat has completely dried, we apply a thin last coat.

Deck and Stain Selection—–The opacity of stain ranges from clear to solid. The higher the opacity, the longer the protection and there are more colors available. If needed, a member of our staff will assist you in determining what material is best for your wood.

Sealing—–It is important to seal your deck with a quality sealant after the stain or paint has completely cured (14-30 days).

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